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Cultural Heritage compliance Made Easy

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Arrow Heritage’s highly-skilled practitioners are experts at helping organisations of all sizes plan, develop and implement compliant cultural heritage systems. With a proven record of success at all stages of the heritage management and approvals pathway, our best practice solutions are informed by decades of heritage planning and implementation across Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

Trusted advice and guidance for cultural heritage compliance

Approvals, Permits and Plans

Developing and implementing cultural heritage management plans that underpin timely and authorised access to land. Plans are developed collaboratively with Traditional Owners, regulators and clients, ensuring they meet project needs and external expectations now and in the years to follow.

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Legislative compliance assurance

Having vast experience with cultural heritage reform across several states, we know how to effectively and quickly integrate new legislative requirements into your management system while balancing project needs and heritage protection.

Regulatory approvals

Impart advice for and assistance with heritage submissions required for land access under a range of broader government processes, such as Statements of Environmental Effects, Reviews of Environmental Factors and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Heritage procedures and systems development

Design heritage management systems and procedures for your individual business needs.

Through a personalised approach, we develop heritage systems, including GIS, that ensure smooth heritage management for your organisation.

Heritage compliance reviews and risk assessments

Specialist compliance capabilities to ensure your current and future legislative obligations are being met, including review of existing project approval and heritage agreement conditions and on-ground audits of project activities against Aboriginal cultural heritage protection policies and procedures.

Change is looming in Western Australia


Under the new Western Australian Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act, mining, infrastructure and land development projects must ensure their heritage systems are in step with the latest legislative requirements.

Some organisations may lack the regulatory knowledge or resources to introduce the necessary changes. Our team will quickly help you understand the steps you need to take to transition your heritage systems and comply with your legal obligations and social responsibility.

Queensland Alumina LTD

Heritage System Improvements

Arrow was engaged by Queensland Alumina Ltd (QAL) to review the adequacy of their existing Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP), as well as their cultural heritage procedures and GIS, and to upgrade these systems where required.
Hunter Valley Operations

Annual Aboriginal Sites Audits

At Hunter Valley Operations (HVO) mine, Arrow are engaged to conduct biannual reviews of their Aboriginal Heritage Management Plans (AHMPs) to ensure operational compliance with AHMP provisions and procedures.

Mine Extension Heritage Approvals

The Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW) mine has recently gained approval for a major extension. As part of this mining approvals process, Aboriginal cultural heritage (ACH) was a key aspect that required careful management and detailed consultation.

Find out how we can help get your cultural heritage system into a leading, best practice model


For some businesses, maintaining cultural heritage compliance in the face of changing legislative requirements may be seen as complex or resource-heavy to administer themselves. 

Field Assessments

We devise & deliver cultural heritage fieldwork programs for mine expansions, resource exploration drilling, urban development & infrastructure projects.