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Cultural Heritage Consultants

We’re a cultural heritage specialist here to help you remain compliant with your Aboriginal cultural heritage legislative obligations and social responsibilities.

Let our project experience and knowledge guide you along the approvals pathway toward successful, timely, and cost-effective heritage outcomes.

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Strategic advice to maintain compliance and safeguard your business

Shape a robust cultural heritage management program

We help you understand the significance of the cultural heritage values connected with your project footprint, and shape solutions that help you achieve compliance and beneficial heritage outcomes.

Change is coming

Western Australian reform – is your cultural heritage system compliant?

Legislative changes are afoot in Western Australia. For companies whose activities need to break dirt or interact with Aboriginal cultural heritage, this will mean compliance with a new regulatory management system. Avoid costly penalties or project delays by taking action now.

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“Across Australia, Traditional Owners will rightfully have much more of a say in decisions regarding their cultural heritage, with meaningful consultation becoming enshrined in legislation. Positive heritage outcomes are underpinned by robust cross-stakeholder engagement, and an expert with a strong connection to indigenous communities, industry and government can facilitate this.”

Joel Deacon - Director, Arrow Heritage Solutions

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Cultural heritage approvals and permits

Do you need permission to access land?

Enlisting the services of a consultant who is an expert in stakeholder and community engagement, and who has a thorough understanding of cultural heritage issues and regulatory processes is essential to the success of gaining approvals.

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